As new fluids, additives, or equipment are introduced into the market place Atomic Oil will access your analyzer via the Internet and download any “updates”.


 The OSA package contains everything needed to begin implementing an in-house fluids analysis program when arriving on site.

Atomic Oil will advise you when the unit has shipped and coordinate the scheduling of the installation and training. An certified field technician will setup the Equipment and complete quality control-tests to insure that there was no damage during shipment.

The setup and Installation of the Laboratory equipment normally takes 1 day.



 Once installed, the service technician will begin training as many potential operators as the customer desires, including training multiple shifts.

Our training program consists of

  • How to maintain the equipment
  • How to run and read a sample report
  • How to troubleshoot the Equipment

Training normally takes 3-5 days, depending on the number of shifts and number of people trained.

Maintenance and Cleaning

 The OSA units are all programmed to run a self- cleaning cycle after each test.

The operator is required to clean the Clean Electrodes after each test and to measure the electrode gap before standardization.